Frank Noto
Product Designer

I create easy-to-use and people-centered experiences online.

Cook with Campbell's
Discovery, Prototype, UX, UI Design
Innovation 150
Strategy, Discovery, UX Master Document
CBC Listen (Beta)
Discovery, UX Master Document, UI Design
Strategy, Discovery, Prototypes, UX, UI Design
MOT, MOL (Ontario)
Discovery, Prototype, UX, UI Design

My experience

I have worked on projects and helped clients in government, education, software/apps, and advertising industries with brands like Bell Canada, Bayer, Canada Dry, Nissan and HGTV.

PowerPlan Accounting
Senior Product Design
2017 - 2020
Relish Interactive
UX/UI Design
Dec 2011 — 2013
q30 Design
UX/UI, Producer
December 2009 — 2011
Lead Design, UX/UI
December 2006 — 2009