Cook with Campbell's

Discovery, Prototype, UX, UI
Project Overview
Working closely with the client, we set out to meet new goals for the recipe pages, design a better search and find experience and a more natural way to view recipe instructions while cooking.
My Contributions
I began the project with research around two key areas -  how the user is currently using recipe pages, and finally, how does a user want to find recipes.

I used heatmap data plus past user tests to help me understand how the pages were being used. The users were having a hard time with global search results as the results had a low click rate. By adding sorting and filtering on the recipes landing page, we saw a more positive experience for the uses when looking or exploring the hundreds of recipes.  Once a user found a recipe, I created an easy to follow step-by-step experience for users to follow on their devices while they are cooking in real-time.
UI design for Campbell's recipe page
Flows and wires for Cook with Campbell's.Campbell's filter design for a desktop viewCampbell's filter view on a mobile deviceCampbell's mobile design
Other Projects
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